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FREE Palm Software

Date Book + Address Book Integration

Improved Integration and Much More With Time Traveler

Time Traveler on the Internet is delivered by MyTimeTraveler as a free service and offers wireless and Hotsync integration.

You or others can enter your itineraries, share them with others and use wireless or Hotsync communications to download your flight, hotel and car rental information. Your downloaded itinerary will then appear in your Palm Date Book and Address Book.

All of this functionality is FREE!

When Time Traveler for Palm is purchased (US$29.95) you can also have your internet itinerary automatically keep your device synchronized as you travel through time zones and more! Click here for more information on Time Traveler for Palm (the information will be opened in a new window so that you can easily return here).

Click on the Enter Itinerary, Share Itinerary, Synchronize Itinerary and Notify Traveler buttons on the left to obtain more MyTimeTraveler information and a demonstration of capabilities.

Note on privacy:

Your username and password cannot be associated with any of your personal details because we do not store personal details. There is no way for us to trace your username and password back to you. We also recommend that you choose a username and password that would be difficult for somebody else to guess.

Click here for our terms and conditions on the use of this service (the information will be opened in a new window so that you can easily return here).

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