An Overview

MyTimeTraveler has been designed from the outset to be simple and easy to use. Our goal is to streamline the process of traveling for you or people that you organize travel for.

We envision two ways that MyTimeTraveler will be used:

  • One person/organization enters an itinerary on behalf of someone else and then notifies that traveler.
  • You enter your own itineraries.

With either way, you can invite anyone else to view your itinerary so that they may see where you are at any one time. Additionally you can choose if any of these invited people can synchronize the itinerary to their own Palm device.

The Main Screen

Upon registering, the Main Screen of MyTimeTraveler will be presented. From the main screen you can enter new flight, accomodation and car rental details. You can also see what you have entered so far and review an item's duration. Reviewing a duration against your existing itinerary will help you validate your data entry as being correct. The following picture illustrates the main screen having had a flight itinerary item entered.


The green duration information indicates that the details you have entered appear valid. If the duration appeared invalid then this will be highlighted to you in red.

In the above example, the flight has been traveled and therefore appears as 'Adelaide' from 'Sydney'. If the flight had yet to be traveled then it would appear as 'Sydney' to 'Adelaide'. This highlights a distinguishing feature of MyTimeTraveler in that your itinerary is actually alive and will show it's current state each time you refresh the main screen.

To modify an entry you simply click on the 'Adelaide from Sydney' text which is highlighted by the underline.


The above example shows an accomodation item that has been entered.

When entering new itinerary items you will commonly be prompted for a place or time zone that best describes the nearest location. If you enter a time zone into MyTimeTraveler that cannot be found (there are 600+ popular locations known to MyTimeTraveler) then think up one nearest to where you're going, staying or renting from.

Click the Share Itinerary, Synchronize Itinerary or Notify Traveler buttons on the left for more introductory information.

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